Wednesday, 8 September 2010


i'm a girl who has a lot of dreams and so many wishes in my life. and i'll never let my dreams boil away just like my hot cappuccino. i'll keep that in my life and i'll make it comes true.
my dreams must be my future life!!
so MY PASSION is to make my dreams must become my future life!!

1. i'm a girl who dreamed has a success carrier as MAGAZINE EDITOR :D
which girl who dont want work in a cool building till you freeze?? STUPID! i want have my own room in my office, and i want to put a set of soft hugh blue sofa. hahaha and the important one is I WANT A HANDSOME PARTNER!!! owyeah! haha
okay i just want my perfect life in my carrier like this stories:

i wanna like them in that stories. with my success carrier i can go shopping whenever ever :D and I can make my parents happy and proud of me. and i can make other people happy with my way. *your dream comes true*

2. i'm a girl who dreamed has a beautiful love story ♥ ♥ ♥
the boy i love to?? sometimes we need a place to share. in future i want make a place that i call husband :) i'm just a very ordinary girl, i mean i'm not those blue or green eyes, i'm not those shiny hair and i'm not those sparkling skin. but which girl dont want those perfect body, fabulouse and handsome face and those shiny glamour cars?!! i want that all!!! hhahaha

the boy that i dream on:
# tall
# messy hair (no baldie hehe)
# sunken cheek boy would be more sweet

yeah i wanna get married once in my once life, i hope so. even before the wedding there is long journey and will be a long story for my diary. lol *i"m not diary-ing. anyway i do really believe that "Crushing on someone is much more challenging and more fun than dating someone." haha :P
i love this love story:

"Sometimes the last person on earth you want to be with is the one person you can't be without."

this is what i called:
"Crushing on someone is much more challenging and more fun than dating someone."

okay enough with the movies. back to reality! haha
Doesn't really matter what the eyes is seeing, cause i'm in love with the inner being. Actually i wanna have a husband who can be imam in my family and he should be a good sample for my children. anyway i just wanna have 2 children. so it's just you, me and their both. WE ARE HAPPY FAMILY :) yeaaaah! *your ♥ ♥ ♥ dream comes true*

3. i'm a girl who dreamed has a beautiful, cozy, and warm palace :)
not really palace i mean. yes! HOME SWEET HOME.
i wanna built this with my husband but not by my husband's money. by my money of course!
i wanna have a wide green garden, for my guestes appetizers.
and i love a house with pastel colours. It can make me feel relax, calm and passionate. lol. and for the furniture I LOVE VINTAGE and CLASSIC!!
and my house should have a door, that's the point :p
for the sweetener there is should be LOVE inside. ooooo so sweet........

more less like this:

in my house i'll spent my whole life with my lovely family, both happy and sorrow.
"My Home is My Paradise." *your dream comes true*

I know to reach all of that ia want to is not like eat away your cupcake. you need a hard work and incredible struggle. and remember, when i get all of this one day i'll never ever let them go!! fight and pray. i believe ia can make all of my dreams come true.........
because i'm Gita Mahayuningtyas



  1. akhirnya 3 post !!! hahaha ini bena kagitaaa :D

  2. hahaha iya ben.
    suka mls sih bikinnya.....
    tp yg ini penuh mikir bikinnya :D
    mklm kemampuan terbatas.

  3. mimpi kita sama .. :D
    dream of every woman who has a highly imagination :)


  4. asseeeek dah

    ayooo wujudkan mimpi kita.

  5. cieeee layout baru hahaha good :-bd