Saturday, 23 October 2010

not A Fairytale and it's Pathetic

well yeah, I dont know how to begin it up....

but, you all know about fairytale right? kind of stroy that can make you feel very happy when you read it and you ready to leave this life toward live in that story paper. Beautiful love story is there, with the charming prince and you become the beautiful princess of course. so sweet huh??!

but this is me, just Gita Mahayuningtyas. i live in my own life, reality no fake.

ok let me show you my suck reality.

you know a girl like me actually a girl in almost 20th like me falling in love is very common. just want yall know that i always like a boy with sunken cheek, tall and not fat. but i'm not kind of girl that could get her love easily, but i could find easily. poor me.

ya ya ya i know, i'm not those perfect nose, those smooth skin or those flushed cheek. but i'm just thiking about my self, i'm just thinking about my future and my dreams. i look for the best one for once. is that wrong??? spell y e a h !!

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